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If your eyes moved like this, could you be a good reader?
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Computerized Home Vision Therapy is fun and easy.
It is a series of games that are eye exercises– done at a computer,
so your child can work independently.

 The computer automatically increases the challenge based on improvement.  
It is monitored by Dr. Rua and is tailored to each child's specific visual need. 


Dr. Rua received her Doctorate of Optometry from Indiana University in 1999, after completing her Bachelor of Science at Molloy College. In addition to general optometry, she is passionate about helping children with vision-related learning issues such as Convergence Insufficiency, Visual perception delays and Dyslexia. She sees both pediatric and adult patients, including those with special needs.  During a vision therapy evaluation, she tests for and treats both eye coordination and perceptual issues, using the standardized Test of Visual Perception and the Developmental Eye Movement Test for tracking. As a doctor, and a homeschooling mom, she is dedicated to providing children with the ability to have an exceptional education.

Dr. Theresa Rua
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